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Moodle is Interactive OnLine Learning Management
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With moodle you are able to design training thats:
  Accessible Managable Enjoyable and Flexible

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We use Moodle

We use Moodle for your online classroom- it's a learning management system - LMS designed to help educators create effective online learning communities.
Click through this site for more information related to using moodle online classrooms and sign up for your own moodle with KJHosting.

Online Education

Bring your class into your online moodle classroom and watch how learning outcomes are improved.
It's about interactivity and creativity - using moodle you design learning opportunities that will inspire.
Share moodle lessons with others and access a multitude of other predesigned courses.

Learning Management

There's no better way to add to community learning than through using a moodle online classroom.
Dont worry we can handle the technical stuff and let you get on with teaching,  its really that easy.

What is it

Moodle is software that can be used to create interactive websites where teachers and students can communicate and collaborate for educational and social outcomes. The focus of Moodle is on giving educators the best tools to manage and promote learning whilst providing students with a cutting edge relevant learning environment.   Moodle is a Learning Management System, which has been widely adopted in the educational sector and more recently, business sectors.  It's appeal is it's adherence to best practice teaching and learning methodologies, and it's flexibility in providing both a stand-alone solution to online learning as well as providing a supplement to traditional teaching methods.   Once a Moodle ‘instance’ is set up, teachers and course developers can create course materials directly into the system, and release it when it is ready.   Moodle is an Open Source software. While Moodle itself is free, it does require web hosting, set up, design and functional customization. KJHosting is able to serve you with these requirements.